9 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Grandparents That They Will Love

9 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Grandparents That They Will Love

Whilst gift giving for spouses, children and direct family members are common, finding a great gift for grandparents is perhaps less so. It might also be a difficult gift to choose, due to not having as great an understanding as to what their interests are. 

In this blog, we are going to suggest 9 sustainable gifts for grandparents that they will adore. They can all act as gifts for your grandparents for Christmas, or any other special occasion that is coming up.

We are going to split this blog into three sections, to make it as easy as possible to find a gift for your specific needs:

  • Gifts for Grandma

  • Gifts for Grandad

  • Gifts for Grandparents (as a couple)

Let's start with the first collection of gifts.

Gifts for Grandma

Deluxe Scented Wax Melts Hamper

A slightly less well known alternative to candles, whether votive or tea light, is the wax melt. The main difference being is that wax melts aren't produced in a container of their own, meaning that they require a wax melt burner.

deluxe scented wax melts hamper gift for grandparents

Our Wax Melt Hampers are designed to have everything your grandmother will need to start burning the wax melts, including the wax melt burners, and a tea light candle that will heat the wax melt up itself. 

Is This You?

"When looking for gifts for my grandma, I wasn't really sure what to get as we've never really discussed her interests in any real depth, just relaxed together with the family.

I did always know that she loves her house to smell welcoming, which is what gave me the idea of looking for a wax melt gift. I love the wax melt burners themselves, with 'home' and 'hope' designed into them. 

It made me so happy to see the gifts in action when we went to visit her last, and we all loved how the house smelt!" 

The Deluxe Hamper comes with five different, unique and aromatic melt scents: lavender, orange, honey, rose and lemongrass. 

Luxury Hand Soap and Lotion Gift Set

When we were designing our range of gifts, we found there was a clear need for cosmetics, and soaps in particular, that are packaged free of plastic. This soap and lotion gift hamper has been created to bring together some of the finely crafted alternatives that do just that. 

We have selected the producers of the soaps and lotions in this gift set for their values and commitments towards sustainability. Primarily over the use of materials both in the soaps themselves, and the packaging they come in.

soap gifts for grandma

By using no single use plastic, a common group of materials used to package soaps and hand lotions, these soaps result in zero plastic waste ending up in landfill after their use. 

Is This You?

"My grandmother has always had unique and amazing soaps in her bathroom, whenever we visited her (compared to our generic supermarket soap at home).

So I thought it would be a great idea to give her a whole basket of soaps that are along the same lines as what she has, but on a more artisan scale.

It was great to explain to her that no plastic was used in the wrapping, as she is a huge environmentalist, and has been watching David Attenborough shows since before I was born!" 

As well as being environmentally friendly, these soaps are unique when it comes to their fragrances. Lavender & Sea Salt, Honey & Chocolate and and Rose Germanium are just three of the scents that come in this deluxe soap hamper.

Sustainable Tea Gift Set

Tea is such a valued commodity for any British person, no matter the generation. We find that this Tea Gift Set is a favourite gift for grandparents, and even better, each tea bag is free of plastic.

sustainable tea gift for grandma

A slightly unknown piece of information is that conventional tea bags use plastic in the lining of the bags, in order to seal them. By using sustainable lining alternatives made from renewable resources, there is no risk of these tea bags contributing to the microplastic pollution crisis we are seeing today. 

Is This You?

"Visiting your grandma would never be the same without tea and biscuits, everyone knows that!

I was looking for a gift that my grandmother would love, whilst at the same time looking for a present that we could perhaps enjoy together. This tea gift set does both of those things, and whenever I visit, we now drink the tea in the gift set (the biscuits were gone in the first sitting!)"

There are three different flavours of tea available to choose from: English Breakfast, Green and Earl Grey. 

As well as the tea in environmentally friendly bags, a reusable flask is included. This provides a fantastic alternative to single use cups which are likely to end up in landfill after one use, as well as enabling the tea to stay hot for hours after it has been poured.

Gifts for Grandad

Premium Organic Toiletries Gift Set For Him

One of our best sellers all year round, this gift basket contains all of the essential toiletries, and a few luxuries, with sustainability at the forefront of each item.

By using products, such as the bamboo and castor oil toothbrush, that are produced using renewable alternatives instead of single use fossil based plastic, the carbon and plastic footprints are reduced. 

Is This You?

"Not being that close to my grandad, I wasn't really that sure of any interests or hobbies that he is really into currently. I wanted a gift that would still show how much I appreciate and love him, but one that wasn't specific to any area of interest.

This gift basket full of organic goodies does just that, and I'm happy to save he loved every item! (His favourite is the bamboo toothbrush, and is now on a mission to replace every item in his house with a bamboo alternative, much to the joy/grief of my grandma.)"

toiletries gift for grandad

The other items, including the peppermint shampoo bar and pair of organic deodorants, are packaged in tissue paper and cardboard respectively, again meaning no plastic is used. 

Natural Shaving Kit Gift Set For Him

The next two gifts are slightly in contrast - with this present being designed to give a clean shave, and the next gift being designed to take amazing care of beards. So if your Grandad is clean shaven, you are in the right place. If your Grandpa is not so, the next gift down is the place for you!

shaving gift set for granddad

To start with our Natural Shaving Kit, a gift set designed to provide a clean shave with minimal plastic involved. We selected a stainless steel reusable razor, in place of conventional plastic razors which are extremely hard, if not impossible, to recycle. Replacement blades are also provided, which are plastic free as well. 

Sustainable Beard Grooming Kit

As previously mentioned, if your grandpa is clean shaven, this gift set is more appropriate! 

The organic beard balm, and beard oil, use only the highest quality natural ingredients to provide a lovely look and feel to your recipient's beard. 

 beard grooming gift set for grandad

A key part of taking care of beards is to also take care of the skin underneath the facial hair itself, which will play a key part in staying comfortable and relaxed all day long. Anyone with a beard knows that itchy skin underneath the beard is an extremely uncomfortable experience, at the best of times!

Gifts for Grandparents (as a Couple)

Onto our final selection of gifts: these presents can be given to both of your grandparents as one gift, as they can be enjoyed as a couple. 

Deluxe Organic Bath & Body Share Box Gift Set

Let's start with the share box gift set - a hamper packed full of toiletries, bathroom essentials and a few other organic goodies as well.

Many of the items, such as the peppermint shampoo bar, pair of organic deodorants and bamboo & castor oil toothbrushes are packaged completely free of plastic. 

share box gift set for grandparents

As well as finding products that use minimal fossil based plastic as a material, whether it be in the packaging of the products themselves, we also source items that have a minimal carbon footprint.

Is This You?

"My sister and I were looking for a gift that we could give to our grandparents together, as we wanted to go halves on a more expensive gift.

We were so happy to see our grandparents open the hamper, and slowly examine each item until they were fully acquainted and very happy with everything! 

Their favourite items are the luxury perfumes - we decided to get two different scents and let them choose which ones they preferred!"  

The main and most obvious way of doing this is to use producers that are based in the UK, as to reduce emissions from the transportation. The other way of reducing carbon footprints is to source products that use renewable resources as opposed to petroleum. 

For example, the toothpaste is packaged with 95% spruce wood, giving an overall reduction in CO2 balance of 40% when compared to conventional fossil based toothpaste tubes. 

Bee Garden Set

If your grandparents enjoy spending time in the garden, whether relaxing or gardening, then Bee Garden gifts are a great present to give.

The premise of these gift sets is to welcome bees to the garden of your recipients, and encourage them to pollinate.

bee garden gift set for grandparents

This is done by planting the seed bombs included in the gift set, which are all plants that bees are naturally attracted to. When the pollination process starts, it is a natural upwards cycle of generating plants that the bees are repeat customers of. 

Is This You?

"Both of my grandparents love to spend time in their garden, and it's their main hobby now they have both retired after long, successful careers. 

Seeing them realise what this gift was, and the smiles across their faces when they knew I recognised how much they love gardening, was a sight to behold! 

They have now planted all of the seeds, hung up the bee hotel, and now enjoy watching the newly found community of bees hard at work pollinating their beautiful garden."

Also included in the gift set is a Bee Hotel, a space designed for bees to rest in between shifts and long days of pollination. A short commute can yield great results when it comes to productivity! 

If butterflies are more to your grandparents interest, then you should check out our Butterfly Garden Set. 

Gifts for Grandparents

Although challenging, finding a gift for your grandparents that they will love, whether individually or together as a couple, can feel amazing.

With this blog, we hope we have given a few ideas that you can use for your own gifting needs. 

We wish you the best of luck in finding a gift that your grandparents will love!

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