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9 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Daughters

With such a wide array of interests, hobbies and pastimes available to children today, finding a gift that is unique and meaningful to your daughter can be a real challenge. 

In this blog, we're going to try and help you find a great gift that will bring joy and excitement into their life, and not just be 'another' gift that will easily be forgotten.

We're going to cover a few gifts which are suited to the various age ranges, which will hopefully act as your guide to finding an amazing present for your daughter, no matter how old they are. 

Our sections will cover:

  • Gifts for young daughters

  • Gifts for daughters 8 plus

  • Gifts for daughter's 18th birthday

  • Gifts for daughter's 21st birthday

  • Gifts for daughter's 30th birthday 

Gifts for Young Daughters

Let's start with the youngest age range. These gifts are designed for 18 months plus, and are still great gifts up until roughly the age of seven. 

Deluxe Wooden Dolls House

Dolls houses are, and always will be, an amazing gift to expand imaginations, and to spend hours of fun creating scenarios and activities for their new found doll family. 

dolls house

This dolls house is different from other conventional wooden properties, due to the range of outdoor accessories that come pre-packed. No need to buy other accessory sets to create the perfect package. 

"Dolls houses are, and always will be, an amazing gift to expand imaginations"

Also included are two wooden dolls (presumably the owners of the house), a range of indoor furniture and a full fold-out design to enable easy play. 

Is This You?

"It was fantastic to find a classic gift with a few unique twists, as well as it being completely plastic free. Many dolls houses I've looked at always had some element of plastic, whether it be in the dolls themselves, or some layer of the construction of the house.

It brought just such joy to watch our daughter play with the imaginary family, and to spend time finding the perfect layout of the garden (we hope she can help to do the same with our real garden in a few years).

It's super easy to open up and pack away, so it's no great effort to encourage her to make sure she tidies up after herself (a massive plus for us)."

Farmyard Animal Toy Set - Stacking Farmyard

Stacking sets are a fantastic way of developing motor skills, multi-tasking and the ability to self stabilize when sitting and stacking at the same time. 

With the benefits primarily being most prominent in children of around 18 months, this is a great present for daughters who are too young to understand how to have fun with the dolls house. 

Is This You?

"Our daughter has just turned two years old, and we wanted to give her a gift that would allow her to have fun and educate her without feeling like she had to learn.

Playing by exploring is such an easy, and effective, way of making sure her brain is active. Stacking toys, when reading about them, have obvious benefits of hand eye coordination and building fine motor skills.

For us as parents, we can sit down and test her on which animals are which, as well as what noises they make and all of that sort of thing - fun for the whole family!

The case that the wooden figures come in, is easily big enough to fit all of the toys in quickly without having to organize them. Tidying up after herself is another important lesson that we are (mostly successfully) teaching our daughter."

farmyard wooden stacking children's toy

Containing a full range of stackable wooden farmyard animals including pigs, cows and chickens, your child will also learn about the basics of the animal world. 

Finally, a 'farmhouse' designed sack is included, which easily fits all of the wooden animal figures. (Tidying up after yourself is a skill that is highly valued, after all!)

Gifts for Daughters 8+

Moving on to the slightly older selection of gifts. These presents include our Biodegradable Glitter Sets, which can be used for both crafts and face glitter.

It was difficult choosing which age range to include these in, as they can be used by younger children, but there is the potential risk of having gel or glitter inadvertently ending up in eyes or mouths. 

Let's start with the glitter sets in question! 

Deluxe Biodegradable Glitter & Accessories Gift Set - XL

Biodegradable glitter is produced from a cellulose core, meaning it is completely plastic free. This is compared to conventional glitter, which is primarily produced from PET (a common type of fossil fuel based plastic). 

"By using biodegradable glitter, no plastic enters our rivers and water systems"

When plastic glitter is disposed of, typically down a home drainage system such as sink or toilet, it contributes to the microplastic pollution crisis. By using biodegradable glitter, no plastic enters our rivers and water systems, eventually leading to the wider seas and oceans. 

biodegradable glitter gift set

Is This You?

"Our daughter has always loved to wear face paint at parties, as well as glitter. We weren't aware that glitter is actually made of plastic, and were surprised as to why it's not more well know. We only found out because of a video we scrolled past on Facebook, explaining how glitter is made. 

As soon as we found out, we started looking for an alternative that isn't so harmful to the environment. It was actually fairly easy to find biodegradable glitter through a bit of research on google, and then subsequently we found the biodegradable glitter gift sets.

For us, it's good to see what all of the items needed to apply the glitter are actually included in one simple gift set, with no extras needed at all."

Included in the gift sets are everything needed to apply and use the glitter. Glitter brushes and aloe vera glue make the perfect partners to the four shades of glitter in the XL gift set (ocean blue, sea green, stunning frost and brilliant gold). 

Eco-Friendly Pre Filled Christmas Stocking and Fillers For Young Daughters

Definitely one of the most fun gifts to design, our Christmas stockings are completely free of conventional plastic.

We carefully studied the typical makeup of Christmas stockings, and replaced the treats and goodies (usually packaged in single use plastic) with more environmentally friendly alternatives. 

eco-friendly pre filled stocking fillers

Instead of non-biodegradable fossil based polymers, we use home compostable packaging for our sweets. This means that the packaging, when disposed of in a home compost patch, will fully biodegrade within a year. 

"Definitely one of the most fun gifts to design, our Christmas stockings are completely free of conventional plastic"

(Please note that the packaging should not be disposed of in a home food bin which is collected by waste disposal services.)

Is This You?

"We didn't think that there were any viable alternatives to Christmas stocking fillers that took sustainability into account, which is why we were both over the moon and surprised to find these pre filled stockings! 

We always forget how much time we spend looking for stocking fillers every year, so it was an easy decision to get this pre filled stocking for our daughter. 

We didn't realise how much plastic is in basically every stocking filler you can get, and in particular single use plastic on the sweets. The sweets in the LFHP stockings are packaged in home compostable wrapping, which was actually way easier to dispose of in our home compost bin than normal methods."

Also included in the stockings are plastic free hair ties, a peppermint shampoo bar and a few other self care goodies.  

If you would like to read about how to make your Christmas more sustainable this year, you can read our blog on how to make your Christmas eco-friendly in 2020

Gifts for Daughter's 18th Birthday

A key milestone in any life - the 18th Birthday.  

Requiring a gift that recognises the transition into adulthood, 18th Birthday gifts are always the perfect way to add to the celebration. 

The gifts we have selected for this section are a mix of spa and pampering gift sets. We feel that they are mature gifts, whilst at the same time still providing an amazing experience to your recipient. 

Organic Relaxation Pamper Hamper

Containing a selection of organic bath truffles, tea lights and other pampering goodies, this gift basket has everything needed to relax your giftee to the fullest.

Is This You?

"When we were looking for gifts for our 18 year old daughter, we wanted a gift that showed maturity and recognition of becoming an adult. 

Pampering gifts are a great way of doing this, and we have bought pampering gifts in the past for various different family members. We always thought that there was a tremendous amount of single use plastic packaging though, which couldn't be recycled (the moisturising bottles in particular).

It was a welcome change to see the effort that had been gone to, to do everything possible to reduce plastic in the pampering gift basket."

With the bath truffles packaged in home compostable packaging, there is again the opportunity to guarantee zero waste to landfill by biodegradation in the home compost environment. 

pamper hamper gift

With the tea lights being produced from natural soya wax, which is made from the oil of soya beans, they are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. 

Select Desk Accessories Gift Set

If your daughter is heading to University, or starting a career that involves spending time at a desk (perhaps even more so now, as many of us are working from home) a desk accessories gift set could be a fantastic present to give. 

"The select Accessories Gift Set contains everything needed to organize a desk into a haven of a workspace"

desk accessories gift set

The select Accessories Gift Set contains everything needed to organize a desk into a haven of a workspace, reducing stress and improving productivity along the way. 

Is This You?

"Our daughter has decided to take a year out, to have time to think about whether she would like to go to University or enter the world of work. The desk accessories gift covers both options, and she was delighted to get her hands on the gift.

Whichever direction she chooses to go in, she now has a great gift that will allow her to organize her desk and working area into the most relaxing and productive area possible."

A unique item included is the tablet mount. This allows for a tablet or book to sit upon it, adding another dimension and space which can be used above the desk space itself. This is great for working from multiple devices, or studying from more than one book at the same time.

If your daughter is heading to University, you should also check out the Deluxe 'Settling Into Uni' Gift Box.

Gifts for Daughter's 21st Birthday

Moving onto the 21st birthday present ideas for your daughter. We have chosen one of our most luxurious gifts for this task, to match the occasion.

Luxury Organic Candles Hamper

If one candle gift set had it all, this would be it. Containing a luxury range of beeswax, citronella and soya wax candles in several different forms, this is a fantastic gift for any daughter's 21st Birthday celebrations.

Is This You?

"We knew we had to pick an amazing gift for our daughter's 21st birthday, and one that would really blow her socks off.

She has always loved candles, but we've never found a gift set that has such an extensive variety of different candles, and different aromas. 

It's great to know that each one of the candles has been created by producers that really care about the environment, and it was lovely to see our daughter react so positively to the gift, and that news."

Every one of the candles in this gift hamper has been created by the best British artisans we could find, all of whom value sustainability just as much as the quality of their products. 

luxury organic candles hamper

"Every one of the candles in this gift hamper has been created by the best British artisans we could find"

We are adding suppliers, including suppliers in this gift set, to LFHP Zero all the time, which is our circular economy scheme designed to reduce waste sent to landfill. 

Gifts for Daughter's 30th Birthday 

The last selection of gifts will make the perfect presents for your daughter's 30th Birthday. We have chosen these gifts as they are a little different from the items mentioned previously, and will hopefully offer something that you, or others, haven't given your daughter before. 

Sustainably Sourced Organic Coffee Gift Set

If your daughter is a coffee lover, then this is a fantastic present for her. With three different flavours of coffee, sourced from three of the best coffee making countries in the world (no exaggeration here): Brazil, Peru and Colombia, this gift set is perfect for any coffee fanatic. 

coffee gift set

We've also included a reusable coffee cup, which is a great replacement for single use cups which are likely to end up in landfill as soon as they have been used. 

Is This You?

"Our daughter's 30th birthday required a gift that she would find useful today, and into the future. She has two young children, of which we are proud grandparents. 

We know from personal experience how exhausting having children is, not forgetting that our daughter works as well!

She loved receiving this gift, and loves the reusable coffee cup that comes with it as well. Whether she is working, or spending time at home, she can take her hot coffee wherever she goes - perfect!"

Fair Trade Organic Hot Chocolate Gift Set

Along the same lines as the previous gift, is one of our personal favourites (who doesn't love hot chocolate?). 

Both the hot chocolate and marshmallows are packaged free of conventional plastic, and are replaced by home compostable wrapping. 

"Who doesn't love hot chocolate?"

hot chocolate gift set

This gift is perfect for the recipient who loves to curl up on the sofa, put on a movie and sip a delicious hot drink whilst doing so. The included marshmallows (available in three different, delicious flavours) completes the timeless combination.

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Daughters

With this blog, we have hopefully given you a few ideas as to what you might gift your daughter for the special occasion, whether it be Christmas, her birthday or another important instance. 

You can find all the gifts mentioned here, as well as many other gifts for daughters, in our range of eco-friendly gifts for her

We wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect gift for your daughter!

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