About Us

Who are we?

Welcome to Kindable! We are your place for plastic free, biodegradable & eco-friendly gifts. We love to source products from producers who value sustainability, just as much as quality. Our carefully curated gift sets offer a range of premium, environmentally friendly gifts. Our array ranges all the way from Pampering Gift Sets showcasing the highest quality cosmetics, to Picnic hampers providing Compostable Plates, Cups and Cutlery. 

How can you contact us?

For all enquiries you can use our Service Portal which is monitored and processed throughout the day, submit a contact us form or email us at contact@kindable.co.uk

What do we offer?

We know how hard it is to find individual gifts that are both eco-friendly and high quality. That's why we are here. Let us do the hard work in sourcing the finest selection of sustainable items, and curate them into our specialised gift sets. That way you know: any order you make will follow our values, guaranteed. That way you can be certain, you have picked a gift of the highest calibre, and of the highest magnitude of sustainability.  

One of our aims is to develop gift sets, based on the premise of minimizing waste sent to landfill. Whether this be in minimalist, plastic free packaging or the products themselves, we take this notion seriously.

Kindable Zero

In light of this aim, we have developed Kindable Zero. Through Kindable Zero, we fully compost any compostable items in any order made. This is at no charge to you. We guarantee any compostable items sent back to us using Kindable Zero will be completely composted, with zero waste going to landfill. It's our solution to single use plastic pollution, which is causing huge problems around the world.

Where Did We Start?

Kindable was orignally known as 'LFHP' and was founded to provide Eco-Friendly Festival Survival Kits, as "Love Festivals Hate Plastic". This idea came from seeing the vast amounts of plastic waste at music festivals every year. Seeing the demand, for movement away from single use plastic, made us ask: Are there any other areas which could be made more sustainable and better to the environment in general? 

After thorough research, we concluded the answer is a resounding: Yes! 

Our Current Range of Eco-Friendly Gifts

Since then, we have branched into providing eco-friendly gifts for students settling in at Uni, Picnic hampers, Pampering Gift Baskets and much, much more. Throughout each of these areas, we want to provide eco-friendly gift sets of the highest quality, whilst maintaining sustainability. This goes for the raw materials, production methods, gift usage, and the all-important end of life disposal. 

Why do we do, what we do?

The world is quickly waking up to the fact, that single use plastic pollution is increasingly becoming a serious threat to our environment, our wildlife, and our own health. We are constantly looking for producers who create alternatives to plastic items. Every time we add an item to our selection of eco-friendly gift sets, we have selected it because it is one step better than it's previous counterpart. One step better for the environment, one step better for us, and most importantly one step better for you. 

Do we have anything to read?

As the world turns, developments are constantly being made in the field of renewable resources. We love reading and researching new discoveries in the world of sustainable material science, and we apply any new developments to our selection of items if possible. You can read about these developments, and everything we think important in the world of fighting plastic pollution, in our blog. 

What do we want for the future?

This question is easy: a sustainable system. By this, we mean everything. Not just our gifts, not just the future, but everything. We need to transition to a green economy, and desperately. At the rate the current system is going at, future generations will be left with nothing. If we can a part in this, then we have done our job well.

Specifically, we want to provide end of life disposal for everything in all of our gift sets. This means every item will have a disposal method that results in zero waste going to landfill, and zero impact on the environment. We see waste disposal as part of the product itself, such as Compostable Items with Kindable Zero. We are working all the time to make Kindable Zero applicable, in some way, to everything we sell. 

In fairy tale terms, we want to grow our own gifts on our little farm, give them to people who will love and cherish them, and then process the waste sustainably. Ideally, we would use the waste to grow the next set of gifts - just like what we are doing now with Kindable.

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