We uphold 5 golden rules, and always will.

we create

to single use plastic, in both product and packaging.

we generate

for disposal that result in zero waste going to landfill.

we use sustainable producers

and source products from talented, sustainability-conscious producers.

we curate
beautiful gifts

that are meaningful & eco-friendly, sourced from the finest sustainable items being created.

we deliver first
class service

to ensure you have the best possible experience when ordering from our range of eco-friendly gifts.

Through production, life and disposal, our gifts are consistently more environmentally friendly than their traditional plastic counterparts.

Our gifts are...well, positive.

As well as the gifts themselves, beautiful plastic free packaging is used to wrap them.

In fact, our compostable gifts give back to the earth. Combine our compostable items with our revolutionary Kindable Zero, and we guarantee zero waste will go to landfill.

We have gifts for every occasion, for every event and for every happening.

Our Eco-Friendly Gift Shop proves that luxury and sustainability don't have to be mutually exclusive.